Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dave Updates

I couldn't think of much to post about so I thought I'd update everyone on how Dave is doing at boot camp.

September 15th he got his wisdom teeth out, just the left side. Only local anesthetic was used, so he was awake the ENTIRE time. Poor guy!! He's healed now and back to business as usual.

He passed the swimming test. Now he is concentrating on the Physical Fitness which he failed the first time. I think his next test is this week. Keep your fingers crossed that he passes!!

Dave has always had issues with shaving, if he shaves too often his face gets pretty cut up. In effort to stay clean shaven Navy standards, he really screwed up. So for the past month he's been put on what is called No Shave Chit. This basically means he's not allowed to shave at all until boot camp graduation. Dave is now fully bearded! I have NEVER seen him like that and so wish he was allowed to have a camera. His Chief Officer calls him Grizzly. LOL!!!

That's about it. Because its like "strict high school" Dave shuts his mouth and does what he is told and is rewarded for his maturity. Good boy!

Dave's birthday is next week (October 6th). So if you want to send him a card or a note then let me know and I will email you his address. I really want him to get my card ON his birthday, but I don't know how long it will take to get to him, so I bought a few and am sending them on different days. I'm such a dork!


Irishembi said...

I hope he at least waits and lets you see it before he shaves! Who knows? Could be sexy!

I LOVE to send cards! Send me his address!

Kelly said...

I'd like his address as well :)