Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone. Hopefully none of you had to work today! The Yeagers won't be attending the parade this morning. The idea of crowds, bored toddler, tired pregnant mommy, etc just doesn't sound like fun. Instead we'll be going to the National Aviary. Yes, again. Maybe this time I will just buy a membership?? Jordan loves those birds though. Not even going to bother bringing the stroller this time as she spends NO time in it when there are birds to be looking at and chasing. Hopefully we'll have fun. Its our last day of the long weekend before I have to go back to work. OH POOP!! I am so over work!


Dani said...

We visited the Aviary a few years ago on one of our treks out to see some Pirates games. It is a lovely place to visit. Next time Chuck drags me out that way for a Pirates weekend, I'll have to remember to take the little ones to the aviary.

Hope you had a great day!

katiebear said...

I ended up buying a membership. we only seem to stay for about an hour, so it seems silly to pay for such a short amount of time. this way we can go whenever and i dont feel bad.