Sunday, September 21, 2008

Internet Woes

The internet is a great thing. There are more hypochondriacs in the world (thank you Webmd), there are more game addicts, people are broke (see previous entry), people can learn random facts (today's word of the day is beneficence), but in all seriousness, people can come together and "meet each other" from all over the world. I have met an amazing group of people on my addictive baby website, Babyfit. Most of them I met when found out I was pregnant with Jordan, some I met since her birth when asking numerous questions, like "When in God's name will she lose her cord stump??"... it was 3.5 months by the way. Yes, 3.5 months. I have really gotten to know these ladies over the years and consider many of them close friends. Unfortunately the internet is also bad. Very bad. Because once I log off my computer and feel the loneliness of my quiet apartment, I realize how far away these ladies are. Many of them are all over the USA, but some are as far as Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, France, and Canada. Oceans really suck by the way. And curse the airlines for making traveling so expensive (not that I particularly enjoy the idea of flying with a toddler).

I realized last night that when I move I will be moving not only away from the city I have lived for nearly 27 years (aside from 2 years of college, and 3 of my dad's sebaticals from work), I will be moving away from family whom I love dearly, and one of my closest Babyfit friends. She came over Friday to remind me that I'm not alone while Dave is gone. We bonded over stories about our children, past relationships, rodents, cats, and drunk men talking to women driving minivans at 8pm in her pjs. Gotta love this town. While we ate our delicious chocolate ice cream and were being stalked by a chocolate-thirsty kitty, I forgot for a moment that in about 7 months I won't be able to do this anymore.

I've never been one to make friends easily. Sure, I'm quite friendly with strangers, but to create real bonds with people takes work. It takes actually liking the person. It takes opening up and being accepting of yourself and confident in yourself. I am fortunate for the friends I have made in "real" life and on the internet. Thank you friends!


Life's a journey.. not a destination said...

Don't worry, if you come this way, I'll gladly take MB's place especially if there's chocolate ice cream involved! Your post is exactly what I was trying to say in my email! I'm still way excited over the thought of you moving this way though!

Irishembi said...

I've been avoiding facing the reality of you leaving in 7 months much the same way I pretended that if I didn't plan a first birthday party, Meredith would not actually turn one. But she did and you will and at least we know, thanks to the internet, we will still talk every day.