Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ebay Addict

Instead of continuing old hobbies or starting new hobbies in my spare time I have become addicted to Ebay. In the past week I have bought...

1 Bumblebee halloween costume: $1.90 + shipping
1 Discontinued Little People Dream House plus people and accessories: $33.99 + shipping
1 Pair Black mammoth Crocs (Mom repaying me... Birthday present!!)
1 Lot of 4 Mr. Potato Heads (various sizes) + accessories: $1.75 + shipping

I have bid (half-heartedly) on multiple listings of Kiddapotamus swaddle blankets but lost.

I also stalked Craigslist but everything I would be interested in is too far of a drive. Mostly stalking crib listings as we'll probably need another one and I can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on a crib.

I really need to stop. Dave will kill me if I keep this up!


Kelly said...

oh shoot I keep forgetting to tell you that I found a swaddle wrap for you! blue gingham pattern. I'll drop it in the mail... before benjamin arrives, lol

katiebear said...

AWE, THANKS!! I'll stop bidding then! haha.

katherineolivia said...

Kate, the key to winning any auction off of eBay is to wait to bit until the last 30 seconds of the will then swoop in bid pretty high but win for only a few pennies more than the last bidder! Good Luck and yes it is extremely addicting!!!

katiebear said...

Yeah, i know =) The problem I have found with a lot of items is you need to know how much they retail for. The swaddle blankets that I lost ended up (with shipping) costing more than if I were to just go to Babies R Us and buy them new.

Anonymous said...

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