Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mean Blue Screen

I have been a blogging slacker again, and it is all my fault. My computer died on me last week... more accurately, I killed it. For some reason, starting Wednesday, I continually got blue screen of death and my computer shutting itself down. The error messages were short stories, and never made any sense to a computer-illiterate person such as myself. After many freak-outs, my dad (god bless him!) brought my computer to his office where he and his students have been working on it for days. And wouldn't you know it, the computer has not shut itself down ONCE for them. It has not given them blue screen of death, nor has it done some weird beeping thing that it did to me.

So, hopefully my computer gets returned to me this week and decides to behave for me. *Fingers crossed*. I promise to be a better computer momma. I will make sure virus software is updated. I will make sure to safely remove hardware (no, I have not done this for months and am always plugging in and out my camera and ipod. bad bad me!), I promise to not let the cat walk across the keyboard while I am eating my cereal in the morning.

On a random note, I just found my new girl scout cookie supplier. Oh boy do I wish it was cookie season!!


Dani said...

Your PC reminds me of my mom's old car, it would always break down or make weird noises when she drove it, but the minute my dad took it out for a ride it would run fine.

Hope your PC issues disappear!

Dani said...

Oh and a girl scout cookie supplier is a MUST!! LOL

katiebear said...

My computer is back. Fingers crossed it continues to work!

Just so you know... MB is my supplier! well, her daughter is!

Irishembi said...

I feel like I should be on a dark street corner saying "You got the stuff man?"