Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Journey to be Made

Jordan and I are embarking on another adventure this weekend... to see DADDY!! Yes, the man whom I love and Jordan adores with all her heart will be with us again for just a short weekend. Today Jordan, my lovely mother, and I will be driving to Maryland where we will spend the night with my sister, BIL, and their amazing children. Friday afternoon mom will stay with Erin while Jordan and I continue on to Norfolk, VA.... wish us luck. I do not do well driving new places nor with tons of traffic and no one to help me. Jordan is not a good navigator! Then we will spend Friday night through Sunday morning with Dave. WOOHOO!!! Sunday, drive back to Erin's where we will spend the night and get my mom. Drive home Monday morning.

Sounds pretty easy, right? WRONG! Apparently the third trimester has decided I had it way too easy during the second trimester. Yesterday I was plagued by back pains and body aches that would make you think I was dying from the dreaded man cold. My nose goes from severely dry to severely runny and is now bloody when I blow it. I am ballooning up faster than a clown can make a balloon wiener dog. And I am TIRED. Oh so tired.

Of course... this won't be stopping me from having certain relations with my husband this weekend. Yes. This fat, swollen, tired, momma still thinks *that* way, so get over it ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is NOT a two-way relationship

If you read my post a few weeks ago about Ebay, you will know that I love it. Some may say if I allow myself onto the site that I am addicted to Ebay. However, Ebay is not showing me the same love I show it. I am trying to sell some of Jordan's old clothes. I have listed them on Ebay (and craigslist) and so far no bites. Share the love Ebay... Please!!

Are there any Ebay sellers out there that can give me some tips???

UPDATE: 11/5/08
My items DID sell! Woohoo! I didn't get as much as I wanted, but at least they sold and have been shipped. I am now about 10 dollars richer. I was also able to sell 2 pairs of shoes on craigslist. Niiiice. Now to go through all the rest of her 6-12 month clothes and all her 12-18 month clothes.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Third Trimester!

I am officially in the third trimester at 28 weeks pregnant. Technically I am 28 weeks and 6 days today, but who is counting? I feel HUGE... I have been wondering lately if I will be able to fit through the door by the time Benjamin wants to arrive. They might have to tear the wall down, think my landlord would be upset? Jordan still doesn't understand that she'll be a big sister in 3 months. She did point to my belly when I was talking about the baby yesterday, so maybe she is starting to realize what is going on, but I think it was just a coincidence.

This pregnancy has gone so fast. No complaints really until recently. The third trimester is hitting me hard with fatigue, inability to sleep, and headaches. I am peeing so much at night I wake up mildly dehydrated which gives me a headache every morning. NOT a fun way to wake up. I have to admit, my biggest complaint is weight gain. I know it is ALL my fault. When we found out I was pregnant, I vowed to do better and not gain as much as I did with Jordan (52 pounds). Unfortunately I suck at controlling pregnancy weight gain and am doing WORSE than when pregnant with Jordan. at 28 weeks I have gained about 41 pounds. HORRIBLE!! I am so upset and ashamed with myself. Good thing I started 20 pounds lighter, but still... I am disgusted. Its a shame that my anger and disgust with myself is not enough motivation to keep things under control. Oh well, might as well enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, right?? =)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who says it pays to be nice??

Up until recently Jordan has not been known to have a gentle touch with people, critters, flowers, etc. But over the past few weeks nobody gets bitten, flowers have been touched more nicely, and cats are not purposefully kicked or stepped on. Today Roy was being his usual grumpy self on the sofa and Jordan was being incredibly sweet. What this video neglects to capture (unfortunately mommy turned the camera off too soon!) is that just moments after the clip ends, Roy decided he had enough kisses and thwacked Jordan in the dead center of her face!

So, lesson learned. It does NOT pay to be nice.

(EDIT TO ADD: I apologize for the quality. I JUST realized that you can't actually see Roy because of poor lighting... it was early, give me a break. He's that big fat black blob near the bottom. )

Friday, October 24, 2008

Navy Boot Camp Graduation

Last weekend Jordan and I ventured up to Great Lakes, IL to see Dave graduate. I am so proud of all his accomplishments, but this one really takes the cake! He is now a sailor and I couldn't be more in love with him as I am today.

Dave's Chiefs and Petty Officer.
893 Recruits became Seamen on October 17, 2008.

Dave playing tuba in the Recruit Band.

I am so glad that Jordan and I were able to make it! It was a rough journey (flying while 28 weeks pregnant with a 20 month old girl who hates being confined was a bit tough), but it was totally worth it. When Jordan and I got to the drill hall, about an hour before the ceremony was to begin (did NOT anticipate all that traffic, what was I thinking???), the drill hall was already packed. I find the seating area designated for Dave's division and there are a few seats in front. I think great because I'm massively pregnant and have a toddler in a stroller. But apparently first come, first serve doesn't apply to the man in front because he is saving all the seats. So I just stand in front of rows and rows of full bleachers... I'm full of so many emotions. anxiety, happiness, fear, confusion, anger, everything! I start crying. So embarrassing! Finally this one woman came down and helped me. She said she could make room next to her so we folded up the stroller and sat down in the space she made for us. Another woman went and found a Petty Officer to complain to about the man saving seats. The Petty Officer came over and asked if Iwas ok, I said yes now that a place to sit I was fine. I was still crying and the Petty Officer said "ma'am, you had better stop crying." I replied that I was trying! she said " because if you don't stop, then I will start, and I am not allowed to cry in public!" LOL!! Dave said usually the drill officers are HARD CORE and would never joke, so he got a kick out of that.

After that things only got better! =)

Navy Graduation Celebrations!

Jordan and Daddy back at the hotel after graduation. So happy to be together again!!

Goofing off at the hotel. Jordan was strangely attracted to this phone so I unplugged it from the wall.

Saturday we ventured into Chicago to visit the Children's Museum and the Navy Pier. I'm not a fan at all of driving in big cities, but somehow between Dave and I we managed not to get lost! Loving military IDs... we got in for free! The museum was fun, but most of it was geared towards children older than Jordan so we didn't stay too long. After wearing ourselves out at the museum we headed to the Pier for some massively greasy and delicious food!!

Jordan and mommy driving the ambulance at the museum.

Jordan and Daddy.

Dave heard the Jelly Belly factory/warehouse was near the hotel, so we decided to go Sunday morning. They had a cute free tour that told us all about how the company got started, how Jelly Beans are made, and other products the company makes. Afterwards you hold out the paper hats they gave you at the beginning of the tour and they fill them up with free samples! In the store at the end of the tour they have a sample bar where you can try different beans and salt water taffies. We were kids in a candy store... litterally. Couldn't resist buying more sugary treats!

Our parting was bittersweet. I hated leaving Dave, I just want our family to be together again. But at the same time an entire weekend of no naps and lots of travel made this preggo momma very very tired. I was glad to be going home to our apartment with our routine. Plus I missed the fur babies. (Who I am sure my parents spoiled just a little.) I take comfort in knowing I will be seeing Dave again very soon, and in not too long our family will be complete and together again.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, fellow bloggers, I am off to Great Lakes, IL today. Dave is graduating tomorrow morning and our family will be reunited for the weekend. I am so thrilled!!! Not sure Jordan understands quite yet what's going on, but she will when she sees daddy =)

I will post updates and photos next week!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Too Tired To Blog

As you can see, Jordan and I have been too tired this week to blog! Auntie Ceci and John are visiting, as is Ceci's sister, brother in law, and 3 nephews. It takes a lot out of us to hang out with that brood but its so fun that we can't resist. Cec did Jordan's hair while we were in the car... not sure this style will be repeated.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pumpkin Time!!!

Jordan and I on the scenic hayride at Trax Farms. We got to see cabbage fields, corn fields, piggies, sheep, goats, and a lama.

Jordan, me, Erin (my sister), and my lovely niece Leah. Jordan and I were so pleased they were able to come visit all the way from Maryland!

Grandma, Jordan, Me, Erin. Grandpa apparently liked the sky more than our bodies. He needs to take photography lessons from Grandma!!

Jordan LOVED the pumpkins!!

After seeing all the big kids climb the pumpkin piles, Jordan tried too.

Did you see anything wrong with Jordan's nose? She had an unfortunate accident with the ground the day before going to the farm. She kept tripping while running (I thought she was just over-excited to be out of the stroller while on a walk, but it turned out her shoes were too small!!) and her face attacked the ground. Her poor nose got the worst of it. Lets hope it heals before visiting Daddy in less than 2 weeks!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The 26th Week

"By the 26th week, your baby will weigh about 1 ¾ pounds and be about 13 inches long. With this growth comes the development of your baby's features, including fingers, toes, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Around the fifth month, you might feel your baby move! By the end of this trimester, all of your baby's essential organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys are formed."

Great, now my baby can wink and flick you all off!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fearless Toddler

Jordan has no problem wandering away from mommy, no matter where we are. We went to the Zoo last week and it was a madhouse at the entrance, so we started at the end... which is the aquarium. She doesn't even look back to make sure I am still there!


There was a time in my life when I was all for not turning on the heat until there was a blizzard outside. I believe I was early 20s and living off of more than I earned. I would wear a few shirts, sweatshirt, sweatpants with thermal longjohns, winter socks, shoes, gloves, hat... all while inside. And a thick blanket. Just to watch TV. For a singleton that's fine, we can all relate to situations like that. But when you are 6 months pregnant and have a 20 month old? No heat SUCKS. Its one for you to shiver and have cold toes, but quite another to see your daughter shiver while trying to eat a waffle for breakfast. Our heat is not working. The landlord could not get the pilot light to light and cannot get someone to come look at it until Monday... I tried turning on the heat Thursday. So that is 4 nights with no heat. I just received a space heater on loan from my dad. Thank you daddy!!! However, it makes me nervous leaving such things plugged in without supervision so it will stay in the living room and will only be on during the day. At night Jordan will be bundled up in blanket sleepers and her winter blanket and I will be bundled up as well. Send us warm thoughts please!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One Word Answer Challenge

I’m challenging all of my blogging friends to play along. This is not as easy as it looks!

(Thanks Boo for some procrastination!!!)

Your hair? dry

Your mother? supportive

Your father? goofy

Your favorite thing (not including people)? chocolate

Your dream last night? unmemorable

Your dream/goal? togetherness

Your favorite drink? water

The room you're in? laboratory

Your ex? unwilling

Your hobby? knitting

Your fear? loneliness

Where do you want to be in 6 year? Virginia

Where were you last night? home

What you're not? skinny

Muffins? cupcakes

One of your wish list items? Dave

Time? slooooooow

Where you grew up? Pittsburgh

The last thing you did? coding

Favorite weather? breezy

What are you wearing? clothes

Favorite book? hamlet

Your TV? Old

Your pet? lazy

Your computer? new

Your mood? tired

Missing someone? family

Your car? green

Something you're not wearing? earings

Favorite store? Target

Love someone? Yes

Favorite color/shade? blue

Last thing you ate? yogurt

Your life? pregnant

Your friends? away

What are you thinking right now? home

What are you doing at this moment? Duh!

Your summer? stressful

Your relationship status? married

What do you do when you can't sleep? think

When is the last time you laughed? today

Last time you cried? yesterday

Letter Day!

Wednesday means letter day from Dave! Woohoo!! Obviously I haven't received it yet, as its only 6:02 am (think I could convince the mailman to deliver this early??... probably not). But this happy thought it was gets me through my work day. Anyway, haven't had much to post lately, so here's a photo of Dave and I from Memorial Day Weekend 2006... just a few days pregnant with Jordan and didn't know it!!