Sunday, October 26, 2008

Third Trimester!

I am officially in the third trimester at 28 weeks pregnant. Technically I am 28 weeks and 6 days today, but who is counting? I feel HUGE... I have been wondering lately if I will be able to fit through the door by the time Benjamin wants to arrive. They might have to tear the wall down, think my landlord would be upset? Jordan still doesn't understand that she'll be a big sister in 3 months. She did point to my belly when I was talking about the baby yesterday, so maybe she is starting to realize what is going on, but I think it was just a coincidence.

This pregnancy has gone so fast. No complaints really until recently. The third trimester is hitting me hard with fatigue, inability to sleep, and headaches. I am peeing so much at night I wake up mildly dehydrated which gives me a headache every morning. NOT a fun way to wake up. I have to admit, my biggest complaint is weight gain. I know it is ALL my fault. When we found out I was pregnant, I vowed to do better and not gain as much as I did with Jordan (52 pounds). Unfortunately I suck at controlling pregnancy weight gain and am doing WORSE than when pregnant with Jordan. at 28 weeks I have gained about 41 pounds. HORRIBLE!! I am so upset and ashamed with myself. Good thing I started 20 pounds lighter, but still... I am disgusted. Its a shame that my anger and disgust with myself is not enough motivation to keep things under control. Oh well, might as well enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, right?? =)

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Lisa said...

It's all baby belly Kate. You look fantastic!