Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Letter Day!

Wednesday means letter day from Dave! Woohoo!! Obviously I haven't received it yet, as its only 6:02 am (think I could convince the mailman to deliver this early??... probably not). But this happy thought it was gets me through my work day. Anyway, haven't had much to post lately, so here's a photo of Dave and I from Memorial Day Weekend 2006... just a few days pregnant with Jordan and didn't know it!!


Boo said...

Surely you have a letter by now Katie? It's 9.44pm my time...what's that your time? Oh, it's only 7.44am!!! Maybe the postie isn't up yet???

katiebear said...

I wish it was your time here!!! =) Maybe I should find out which one delivers and call him and wake him up??