Monday, October 6, 2008

Pumpkin Time!!!

Jordan and I on the scenic hayride at Trax Farms. We got to see cabbage fields, corn fields, piggies, sheep, goats, and a lama.

Jordan, me, Erin (my sister), and my lovely niece Leah. Jordan and I were so pleased they were able to come visit all the way from Maryland!

Grandma, Jordan, Me, Erin. Grandpa apparently liked the sky more than our bodies. He needs to take photography lessons from Grandma!!

Jordan LOVED the pumpkins!!

After seeing all the big kids climb the pumpkin piles, Jordan tried too.

Did you see anything wrong with Jordan's nose? She had an unfortunate accident with the ground the day before going to the farm. She kept tripping while running (I thought she was just over-excited to be out of the stroller while on a walk, but it turned out her shoes were too small!!) and her face attacked the ground. Her poor nose got the worst of it. Lets hope it heals before visiting Daddy in less than 2 weeks!


Dani said...


I had to laugh when I was looking at the pictures, I got Cassidy the same shirt (gotta love Target!).

We're going to the pumpkin patch this week.

katiebear said...

Target is awesome indeed!! I was there this past weekend and had to resist getting leggings as well. =)

Enjoy the pumpkin patch. I hope Cassidy has as much fun as Jordan did!

Thatcher's Mommy said...

okay... that's funny. Not the part about her falling, but the part about it being her shoes that were just too small. Something only a mom understands... a cheap-o mom like me, that's for sure. Boogie's toes hang off the end of his sandals!

Lisa said...

I love the shirt. I wish we had Target so I could get Liam in on the Halloween kitty action!

Hope J's nose heals quick!