Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Journey to be Made

Jordan and I are embarking on another adventure this weekend... to see DADDY!! Yes, the man whom I love and Jordan adores with all her heart will be with us again for just a short weekend. Today Jordan, my lovely mother, and I will be driving to Maryland where we will spend the night with my sister, BIL, and their amazing children. Friday afternoon mom will stay with Erin while Jordan and I continue on to Norfolk, VA.... wish us luck. I do not do well driving new places nor with tons of traffic and no one to help me. Jordan is not a good navigator! Then we will spend Friday night through Sunday morning with Dave. WOOHOO!!! Sunday, drive back to Erin's where we will spend the night and get my mom. Drive home Monday morning.

Sounds pretty easy, right? WRONG! Apparently the third trimester has decided I had it way too easy during the second trimester. Yesterday I was plagued by back pains and body aches that would make you think I was dying from the dreaded man cold. My nose goes from severely dry to severely runny and is now bloody when I blow it. I am ballooning up faster than a clown can make a balloon wiener dog. And I am TIRED. Oh so tired.

Of course... this won't be stopping me from having certain relations with my husband this weekend. Yes. This fat, swollen, tired, momma still thinks *that* way, so get over it ;)

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