Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who says it pays to be nice??

Up until recently Jordan has not been known to have a gentle touch with people, critters, flowers, etc. But over the past few weeks nobody gets bitten, flowers have been touched more nicely, and cats are not purposefully kicked or stepped on. Today Roy was being his usual grumpy self on the sofa and Jordan was being incredibly sweet. What this video neglects to capture (unfortunately mommy turned the camera off too soon!) is that just moments after the clip ends, Roy decided he had enough kisses and thwacked Jordan in the dead center of her face!

So, lesson learned. It does NOT pay to be nice.

(EDIT TO ADD: I apologize for the quality. I JUST realized that you can't actually see Roy because of poor lighting... it was early, give me a break. He's that big fat black blob near the bottom. )

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