Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Musical Dilemma

I am having a dilemma. I love music, I always have. I especially love playing with groups of people and having fun with music. Since October I returned to the community band that I played in before I became pregnant. I like this band a lot and have never been disappointed playing in it. The past few months I have been having mixed feelings about continuing in the band. Once I get to rehearsals, I have fun, and I enjoy playing the concerts. I like feeling like I belong and am needed. I like making music and not abandoning my passion. However, I dread leaving the house. I dread leaving Jordan. I hate that my husband is finally at home and I have to leave. I hate having to stick to a strict schedule on Mondays (rehearsal days) so that I can get there in time. I hate having to find a sitter for the concerts. I have actually been developing some anxiety over leaving Jordan with other people and I know I will be a mess this coming Sunday, our next concert. Is the gratification I get from playing with a group of people worth the tears and anxiety I face every week? I don't even get to practice because Jordan is not a fan of mommy's music, so I am not making improvements in between rehearsals, and I don't feel I play my best at concerts. It sucks big time. I wish there was a middle ground but I either hate it or love it. Right now I am leaning towards not returning after this upcoming concert. I fear once I quit I will never have an outlet to play music again...

Am I doing the right thing by not returning? I hope so....

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Since Jordan is one I decided I should stop slacking and get her portraits taken. I called Sears a few weeks ago and set up an appointment for Saturday Feb 16. How was I to know Jordan would get sick?? When we got to the store Jordan seemed ok, and we had extra time so Dave took her in the stroller while I went bra shopping (another blog!). After much dismay I left the dressing room empty handed and went to find my family. Dave was lost in front of the big tvs. Jordan was looking miserable and her face completely flushed. We decided to try the portraits anyway... BIG MISTAKE. Jordan wanted nothing to do with it. She especially hated when we put her in her every so wonderful Easter dress (thanks Cec!!). Here are the few pictures that actually turned out somewhat decent, with minor if none at all tear and snot tracks!

Friday, February 15, 2008

They say felines are smart

Obviously the people who decided that cats are in the top of the list for intelligent animals have not met my cat Royboy. Royboy is fat... really fat... and lazy. My 18.5 pound cat doesn't move for much. Jordan loves the cats. Actually, she loves "petting" the cats, which in her mind means pulling out all their fur. This is Royboy's intelligent mind at work when trying to escape Jordan. That's right kitty.. you are completely safe behind the mega blocks... for maybe a second!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jordan!!!

This time last year my precious baby girl, Jordan Olivia, was born. After a weekend of contractions every 3-10 minutes, I was admitted to Magee Hospital by early afternoon on Monday February 12, 2007. After receiving pitocin, agreeing to an epidural, and an hour of pushing, Jordan entered this world. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. My husband was an amazing person throughout it all (and I don't just say that because he got me 2 packages of Oreos and a shit-load of fudge that day!!). He held my hand even though he was a little squimish at first. But nearly the end he was able to turn around and see our daughter arrive. He cut the cord, took her first picture, and held her first. I think that moment changed our lives forever. Jordan, I am so thankful that you have come into our lives and have made us happier than we could ever imagine. Thank you precious girl! You will never cease to amaze us and fill our hearts with love!!

Jordan's First Birthday Party!

With cousins; Pretty bow; Honorary Aunt

So cute!; Ooh, Auntie Indy's necklace; Best February buds!

So this is chocolate.... I like it!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Can a spoon be a fork?

Some people are just beyond my understanding. Not because they are smarter than me or have more important jobs than me, but because their logic makes no sense! My department is in the same building as a Panera Bread. I love Panera. When I was pregnant I drank an IC Mocha every week. A few weeks ago I went to get a bagel (not good on the diet, I know!). If I get my bagel toasted I only like butter, I despise cream cheese. The girl (and I say girl because she's younger than me...she's probably 21 or so) was putting my bagel and butter into a bag and said "I'm sorry we are out of knives, would you like a spoon instead?" Errr. First off, how can a bakery and deli shop be out of knives, especially when it is only 8 in the morning? Second, how the f!ck do you expect me to spread my butter with a SPOON!

I figured this was a one time occurrence, maybe the girl was just really tired? Today I gave in to temptation and got another bagel, of course with butter. It was another girl, maybe a manager? (She seemed fairly in charge). She put everything in the bag and rang me up. When I got back to my office, just moments ago, I saw it.... a spoon. Obviously these people are in need of a basic utensil tutorial.