Friday, August 27, 2010

Best Friends

My daughter officially has her first best friend. Their daddies work together and we now live within walking distance. They both have February birthdays and little brothers with January birthdays. They love pink, and sprinklers, and being super silly. I love hearing my daughter talk about her best friend, and I love seeing the girls say "I love you! See you tomorrow" and give each other big hugs and kisses when they say goodbye at the end of a fun day. In two weeks they will start preschool and be in the same class.

It breaks my heart that in a couple of years they might not be living near each other. I hate that military people move every few years and you get so attached to people, only to have to move. I can only hope that the daddies will be stationed at the same band again so the girls can be reunited. Maybe this will be a good lesson in everlasting friendship? Maybe they will be email pen pals and skype and send each other drawings in the mail? All I can do is make sure their time together is fun and hope!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stay Puff Marshmallow Man Comes For A Visit... Well, Maybe Just His Toe.

A friend of mine informed me last week that our local commissary is currently selling jumbo marshmallows. You have NEVER seen a marshmallow until you see this monstrosity! When you try to make smores from it, more than half the marshmallow oozes out of the crackers, full sheets of crackers, it is THAT big. This picture doesn't do it justice. Here is the big campfire marshmallow next to a penny.

Out of curiosity, I decided to do a little research on Wikipedia about marshmallows. That's the nerd in me, what can I say. Did you know these facts about marshmallows?

1. They were originally used for medicinal purposes? The root of the plant Althaea officinalis, which marsh mallow extracts originate, was thought to soothe sore throats.

2. Using marsh mallow as a candy dates back to ancient Egypt. It wasn't until candymakers in 19th century France that the marshmallow as we know it today was invented.

3. Vegetarian versions of marshmallows (using plant-based gelatin) do not have the same springiness as regular gelatin marshmallows. (yet another reason I will not be vegetarian or vegan).

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

I haven't blogged in forever, and I'm not sure how many people read my blog but I feel terribly guilty. The only thing I can say is we were traveling a lot, and in between two trips to Pittsburgh, we moved! Although moving is a hassle, especially when one is doing lots of traveling, this particular move was totally worth it! Anyway... Please forgive my tardiness and hopefully this picture of the family can distract you for a few moments while I try and come up with a witty post =)

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