Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Spring Snow Storm

I don't think I'm in Pittsburgh anymore, Royboy!!

I was so NOT expecting this much snow when I woke up this morning. Did I mention it is the end of March??

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Still Around!

Life has been pretty busy this week. I still can't believe we've been here for THREE WEEKS! Last Saturday we explored Kohl Children's Museum and bought a membership. We splurged a little and paid $20. The extra $20 lets us get into at least a hundred other children's museums in the country, including the one in Milwaukee (which we are going to tomorrow) and Pittsburgh, so well worth it. Jordan loved the museum, so I will be sure to take her plenty!

I found a Stroller Strides class and went Wednesday and today. I take both kids with me, so it gets all of us out of the house, and Jordan gets to play afterwards, so we are all happy campers! Thursday night I went to a babywearing meeting. I was sad to find out that the pouch my friend Emily made me was too big. Now I have to learn how to sew (and get a sewing machine!) so that I can fix it.

Sadly my computer is ill. It won't turn on. It makes me very sad to not have my computer. Thankfully though, Dave has been nice enough to leave his at home while he is at work, so I am not completely alientated from the internet.

Ben will be 3 months old next week. It is hard for me to believe. He's such a lovely boy, I am thankful for him every day. He gives me the best laughs and smiles that warm up my heart! Jordan is still quite the wild child, but we love her anyway. Her first canine is coming in nicely and the other top one is about to cut through her gums, so she's been a tylenol junky.

That's about it. Hopefully I can get some good pictures of the family tomorrow while we are out!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

In The Hotel

We spent 7 nights at the Navy Lodge. It was an interesting experience I don't dare experience again. 2 cats, a toddler, and an infant should not be cooped up in a small hotel room for a week. Thankfully we got a GPS before moving and I was able to get me and the kiddos to Target once on our own. Dave had to do some checking in during the week, but for the most part we explored the area. Dave moreso than me because Jordan was refusing naps and I didn't want to be in the car any longer.

Jordan's behavior showed her frustration with our situation. She took it out on me by biting through my winter coat and cutting my skin. This is what she did to Dave:

Needless to say his new coworkers found this very humorous.

Roy and Alice in the hotel. Thankfully we got the keys to the house after a few days so the kitties could have some more room.

Dave, Ben, and Jordan in the hotel.

A rare (and much needed) nap!

Leaving Pittsburgh- The beginning of our journey

Saying goodbye to Grandma Sandee and Grandpa Ken. We are very grateful that they allowed us to stay in their house while our stuff was being packed up!

Dave's mad packing skills. Poor kitties!! They were less than impressed.

Good job Dave!

The 8.5 hour trip only took us 10 hours. Despite tranquilizers for the cats, they put up quite the fight nearly the entire time. Not a moment went by the first 5 hours where we could not hear a cat meowing. We managed to have to stop 15 minutes after leaving my parents house. Ben needed to nurse and we decided to top off the gas tank. After that we got a pretty good groove.

Dave will probably never let me decide when we stop for fast food. The one time I was insistent that we stop, we ended up stopping the WORST possible place by Chicago. Let's just say that the billboards showed a picture of a little boy and it said in big letters "Please don't shoot me. I want to live". Oh my...

But we managed to get to our hotel. Jordan was GREAT in the car! Her wonder colors coloring books and her stickers kept her quite happy. Thank you all who contributed to her backpack of entertainment!

*** Oh, I forgot to mention. We encountered heavy downpours of rain nearly the entire drive! You know, just because driving 10 hours with 2 kids and 2 cats wasn't enough excitement!