Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grandma visits

I need to take more photos, these are the ONLY 2 I've taken over the last month while Luisa has been here. OOPS!! Jordan adores her Grandma and will be sad when she leaves in a week.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Goop Central

The past week Dave, his mom, Jordan, and I have all had colds. To make things all the more interesting, Jordan now has pink eye.... Fan-fucking-tastic. She was sent home from daycare this afternoon after waking up from a nap without being able to open her eyes because of all the goop crusting up her eyelashes. We got a last minute appointment with the dr and he said she had a 25% chance of having bacterial conjunctivitis, so she's on antibiotics and has to stay home from daycare tomorrow. Would be fun for me if there wasn't so much going on here with the house getting fixed up, etc.

I should try and get a picture of her eyes tomorrow. They are naaaasty! My poor little goopy princess!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Note to self:

No matter what happens, do NOT eat Golden Grahams, Cheetos, Orange Soda, and 2 slices of pizza all between the hours of 8-11. It's just NOT a good idea.

I could puke now....

I did not puke. I overcame it... only to eat McDonalds. OOPS!

I'm doing better today. Only because I know I am getting chinese for lunch. Salad for dinner!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Jordan's Future Hubby??

Move over Jaxon, Jordan has a new man is in town. LOL!! This is John, my best friend's little boy who is about 7 months older than Jordan. Cec and I always joke that the government should make us sign an agreement that our children will never marry... only God knows what horrors could come from mixing our genes. HAHA!! But in all seriousness, I adore John. He is such a sweet boy, and I can hardly believe he is nearly 2 years old. How time flies! Bad news was given to me this week. Cec will be leaving Norfolk BEFORE Dave, Jordan, and I arrived this late fall. BOOHOO! I was hoping Jordan would have John as a playmate while we are there. Not that they play together when we have playdates here in Pittsburgh... ok, so the truth is Mommy wants a playdate with Cec. =)

Aside from Cec visiting, we've been having lots of other guests here in town. My father's dear old friend Jack was in town for a few days. I have fond memories of going to his cabin in Utah when my family and I lived in Salt Lake City, so it was really nice seeing him again. Dave's mom is visiting for a month, doing housework so her house can be sold when we move out. Now Nat, my mom's sister, is visiting from Los Angeles. Mom is trying to convince Nat to move here... but Nat won't budge! We'll see if anything comes about from this visit...

Other than all that, we're doing well!! Jordan's first molar is still growing in ever so slowly. I have a cold... in JUNE!! What gives???