Thursday, March 19, 2009

Leaving Pittsburgh- The beginning of our journey

Saying goodbye to Grandma Sandee and Grandpa Ken. We are very grateful that they allowed us to stay in their house while our stuff was being packed up!

Dave's mad packing skills. Poor kitties!! They were less than impressed.

Good job Dave!

The 8.5 hour trip only took us 10 hours. Despite tranquilizers for the cats, they put up quite the fight nearly the entire time. Not a moment went by the first 5 hours where we could not hear a cat meowing. We managed to have to stop 15 minutes after leaving my parents house. Ben needed to nurse and we decided to top off the gas tank. After that we got a pretty good groove.

Dave will probably never let me decide when we stop for fast food. The one time I was insistent that we stop, we ended up stopping the WORST possible place by Chicago. Let's just say that the billboards showed a picture of a little boy and it said in big letters "Please don't shoot me. I want to live". Oh my...

But we managed to get to our hotel. Jordan was GREAT in the car! Her wonder colors coloring books and her stickers kept her quite happy. Thank you all who contributed to her backpack of entertainment!

*** Oh, I forgot to mention. We encountered heavy downpours of rain nearly the entire drive! You know, just because driving 10 hours with 2 kids and 2 cats wasn't enough excitement!


Irishembi said...

I'm just glad you're there and (mostly) settled. Did poor Alice come out from under the toilet yet? ;-)

Dani said...

Poor kitties, I can't even imagine. Our dearly departed Marty would mew the minute he got in the car til the minute he got out. I can't imagine that long of a trip listening to that.

Glad you are there safe and sound. Now you have so much room, I'm sure Jordan will make a mess of it in no time. Our living room is basically a playroom.

katiebear said...

Alice came out from behind the toilet after a couple days, only to be upset again and locked in the bathroom when the truck came with our stuff. she's fine now. Still hides occassionally.

Dani, i thought tranquilizers would knock the cats out, but i don't think they did much of anything for my cats! they meowed soooo long. Jordan has already made a pretty decent mess. we've set it up so most of the toys are in the living room so that's our playroom too!