Friday, February 1, 2008

Can a spoon be a fork?

Some people are just beyond my understanding. Not because they are smarter than me or have more important jobs than me, but because their logic makes no sense! My department is in the same building as a Panera Bread. I love Panera. When I was pregnant I drank an IC Mocha every week. A few weeks ago I went to get a bagel (not good on the diet, I know!). If I get my bagel toasted I only like butter, I despise cream cheese. The girl (and I say girl because she's younger than me...she's probably 21 or so) was putting my bagel and butter into a bag and said "I'm sorry we are out of knives, would you like a spoon instead?" Errr. First off, how can a bakery and deli shop be out of knives, especially when it is only 8 in the morning? Second, how the f!ck do you expect me to spread my butter with a SPOON!

I figured this was a one time occurrence, maybe the girl was just really tired? Today I gave in to temptation and got another bagel, of course with butter. It was another girl, maybe a manager? (She seemed fairly in charge). She put everything in the bag and rang me up. When I got back to my office, just moments ago, I saw it.... a spoon. Obviously these people are in need of a basic utensil tutorial.

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