Saturday, January 21, 2012

Falling Into Oblivion

Not me... but my blog sure is!

I am a blogging failure lately.  This used to bug me, but it really isn't right now.  I have SO much going on, and a lot of it is away from the computer.

Any obligations that require me to be on the computer have taken the sidelines.  If I can't do it on my phone, it either gets done day before deadline, or probably doesn't get done at all. 

Right now, I am ok with that.  I'd rather be with the kids, or knitting (usually both).  Yesterday I let my son watch a tv show episode and I started singing along to the theme song and he scolded me "Don't sing that mommy, just knit!"  Well, if he says so, I will!

I figure it's only fair.  We started the new year getting rid of our cable and limiting the kids screen time (tv, video games, iphones, etc).  Makes sense that mommy limits hers as well (during daytime hours that is)! The kids got many new toys for Christmas, with birthdays following, so there is no need to be spending time sitting on the couch letting the minutes waste away.

With the new year, new ideas, new personal goals, I hope to keep my blog afloat, but it will probably take the sidelines while I get distracted!

Now the computer will be turned off.  We got many inches of snow last night and it is time to bundle up the kids, brave the "feels like" 1 degree F weather, and have some fun!!

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