Friday, October 24, 2008

Navy Graduation Celebrations!

Jordan and Daddy back at the hotel after graduation. So happy to be together again!!

Goofing off at the hotel. Jordan was strangely attracted to this phone so I unplugged it from the wall.

Saturday we ventured into Chicago to visit the Children's Museum and the Navy Pier. I'm not a fan at all of driving in big cities, but somehow between Dave and I we managed not to get lost! Loving military IDs... we got in for free! The museum was fun, but most of it was geared towards children older than Jordan so we didn't stay too long. After wearing ourselves out at the museum we headed to the Pier for some massively greasy and delicious food!!

Jordan and mommy driving the ambulance at the museum.

Jordan and Daddy.

Dave heard the Jelly Belly factory/warehouse was near the hotel, so we decided to go Sunday morning. They had a cute free tour that told us all about how the company got started, how Jelly Beans are made, and other products the company makes. Afterwards you hold out the paper hats they gave you at the beginning of the tour and they fill them up with free samples! In the store at the end of the tour they have a sample bar where you can try different beans and salt water taffies. We were kids in a candy store... litterally. Couldn't resist buying more sugary treats!

Our parting was bittersweet. I hated leaving Dave, I just want our family to be together again. But at the same time an entire weekend of no naps and lots of travel made this preggo momma very very tired. I was glad to be going home to our apartment with our routine. Plus I missed the fur babies. (Who I am sure my parents spoiled just a little.) I take comfort in knowing I will be seeing Dave again very soon, and in not too long our family will be complete and together again.


Boo said...

Congratulations Dave. There is a world of internet woman out there who are just as proud of you as Katie and Jordan! Good work!

I never did ask. Did the petty officer do anything about that arrogant man? Did his Mum not tell him to always give up his seat to pregnant and elderly people? HOW RUDE!

katiebear said...

I suspect if I really wanted to make a big stink of it I could have said something more and the man would have had to give up his seats, but because I was content where I was, the petty officer just left it at that. Granted, he was saving the seats for a few women with small children... but I didn't see any of them with a big ole belly as well. Grrrrr.

Kady Mae Bella said...

Hello! Great job :) YES, Military ID's are fantastic. Never hesitate for a military discount. It works on tons of stuff...hotel rooms, train tickets, car rentals even LOWES!