Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Photo Updates!!

Mommy put pigtails in Jordan's hair. SOOOOOO cute... though she was less than impressed. I might try a few more times to see if she gets used to them. These only stayed in about 3 minutes. I'd much rather do this than cut her hair, but she might leave me no choice.

My parents came over for dinner the other day and while my dad worked on my computer, Jordan and Grandma read books together.

When we were visiting Dave in Norfolk we went to the Aquarium and Marine Science Center. This neurotic squirrel was the highlight for Jordan... so glad I drove 9 hours for her to see something she could see at home!

With daddy at the Aquarium. It was difficult to get them both to look at the camera at the same time.

Jordan and mommy at the Aquarium. She did not want to be held!

Here is my little helper! I finally got around to vacuuming and swiffering the floors. Jordan LOVES to help and gets mad if I don't let her. Who am I to complain if my child wants to clean??

So that's about it around here. We're just back into our routines and life goes on. I have started thinking about Thanksgiving (pretty much daily) and am excited. I am in charge of dessert... thinking apple pies, mini pumpkin pies, mini raspberry/cherry pies, chocolate cake... mmmmmm!

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ewalper said...

may i suggest LOTS of mini cherry pies? xoxo