Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy 3rd Anniversary To Me and Dave =)

On September 19, 2005 I married the Tubist of my dreams... oh and I guess the boy of my dreams too.

They had known each other since that fateful day in August 1997 when Dave moved to Pittsburgh and joined the high school marching band. Who knew way back then that he would fall in love with that skinny, awkward, loud, obnoxious, but fun piccolo player who had a knack for having asthma attacks on the bus when people sprayed perfume, or after band shows. Who knew that she would fall in love with that short, cute, crude on occassion, tuba player who happened to think her curves and boobs were smokin hot. It seemed obvious to them that they were not meant to be high school sweethearts when they had a typical one week relationship and things just didn't pan out. Then, in September 2002, just a year after Kate moved back to town, she and Dave met again when Kate went to hear her roommate, and best friend, play in her college wind ensemble. Dave wasn't playing the first half of the concert and sat with Kate. They held hands as they listened to the students play. After the concert the three reunited friends went out for dessert and Kate realized that she was going to marry this boy. One month later, they started dating. December 2002 Dave proposed in a very silly way (while driving in the car). Many ups and downs, 2 engagement rings, and 2 cats later, they were married. Wedding planning was driving both of them bonkers, so they went to the local court office one Monday afternoon. Ironically the judge had a daughter Kate's age and a son Dave's age who had gone to the same high school. While telling us about marriage, having us sign forms, and us saying that we do, we discussed teachers we liked, didn't like, people we knew... it was certainly a day to remember.

June 2006 the happy couple found out they were expecting their first child. Oh my... how was a research associate and a full time grad student going to raise a child?? Somehow it all worked out and their first child was born, the most gorgeous girl anyone could ever ask for. After deciding to wait awhile before having another, to ensure financial stability and pay off some college loans, the couple found out they were pregnant AGAIN. Thankfully Dave had graduated and had a secure job lined up as a member of the Navy band program. Now the couple is enduring the most trying time in their relationship. Hopefully to come out of it with newfound respect and love for each other, as well as 2 amazing children, 2 cats, and supportive friends and family.

Who could ask for anything more? I couldn't... well, maybe to hear my husband's voice or feel his touch.

Kate and Dave at the Flemington house, New Years eve, 2004. (Obviously slightly drunk as Dave seems to be mesmerized by the flashing device taking our photo).

The polaroid picture the judge took when we got married. I wonder if we are still on the wall in the office. I also wonder how many of those couples are still married...

Dave and Kate on their honeymoon, February 14th 2006. We rented a cabin in West Virginia and nearly got snowed in. It was fun. I also learned that I did not marry Dave for his fire making skills.

December 2006, 7 months pregnant with Jordan.

Last family photo we had taken, Pittsburgh Zoo, August 2008. I am 3 months pregnant with Benjamin.


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm holding out for a Navy miracle and that Dave gets to call you, even if briefly. Next year you'll be together and able to celebrate twice as much....with 2 kids running around, lol

Irishembi said...

I can't wait to see the picture of the new family of FOUR!!!! Who knew that 1 + 1 = 4?

katherineolivia said...

Awww Kate, that was the sweetest story! I had tears in my eyes by the time I got to the end! Happy Anniversary! I cant wait to see the family of 4 pic either! It's going to be awesome!!!