Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well, THIS didn't happen last time

Since Dave left I have been having to drive myself to work. To save money I park up near Carnegie Mellon University behind a golf course and walk about 20 minutes to work. There is plenty of parking near my office but I'll be damned if I am going to shell out $8-$10 bucks a day when the weather is nice and I'm not waddling yet. Since I now am walking 2-3 miles a day I have finally remembered to update my Ipod. I recently discovered Pregtastic, a weekly podcast I can download from ITunes that hosts pregnant women and talks about all aspects of pregnancy symptoms, birth, and the first few weeks of the new baby's life. Needless to say this preggo momma is addicted. Anyway, I have discovered with this pregnancy that I cannot listen to people talk about breastfeeding without my boobs feeling as though they are growing and getting heavier! They start screaming at me "get that baby on us NOW"... What the heck? That didn't happen when I was pregnant with Jordan. Yet another thing different between the two pregnancies.

My veteran boobies are ready for ya Ben =)

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