Saturday, September 27, 2008

Birthday Girl!

That's right folks, its that time again. The time we all dread as adults past the age of 21 (because really, after you can legally drink, what else is there to look forward to?) another birthday. I am 27 today. I thought I would enlighten everyone with some information about me that you may or may not know.

Stuff I HAVE to do:

I have to wear a watch. Its not that I have to know what the time is, I just have to have it. Although I glance at my watch often throughout the day, I don't really pay attention to what the time is.

I always wear a bra. When pregnant with Jordan I started wearing sleep bras because of how big my boobs got. I haven't gone bra-less since.

I have to check my email at least every 10 minutes when at work.

I have to have my legs crossed in some way. I hate sitting with my feet on the floor. Even when I played flute I would often practice with my legs crossed. I once was sitting indian style on my bed and fell completely over when particularly moved by a passage I was playing. My flute got nicked, my stand was dented, and I am sure I looked like a complete fool.

I have to sleep with sheets, and usually a blanket. Even in the summer without a/c, I have a sheet.

I have to clean myself in a particular order in the shower: Wet hair, wash face, shampoo, conditioner (but don't rinse yet), shave, wash body, rinse conditioner.

I have to pay bills by check, not electronically.

That's it for now. May add on to the list another time. =)


Irishembi said...

It's just the first steps in becoming rigidly set in your ways as you make your way to crotchety old lady status. :-)

katiebear said...

ha ha. thanks for the moral support!