Saturday, September 6, 2008

Loving The USPS and random photos

Because they have now delivered THREE letters from Dave to me. YAY!!!! He is doing well, actually seems to be doing much better than I thought he would (sorry sweetie... I do really have faith in you!) . He got put into a music division so he gets to play tuba on Saturdays with the band. But most of all, I know he misses us and still loves us and thinks about us always. And seeing those words written down to look at every night before bed makes this whole situation so much easier!

Here are some random photos from the past couple of weeks.

Jordan and Roy playing nicely!

Jordan in her new tent. Usually Roy is in there with her fighting for space!

First ever soft serve ice cream cone and she LOVED it. Daddy will be so proud to know his daughter likes vanilla just like him. She refused the cone, but that's ok, she got enough of the good part (as did her clothes and the stroller. Haha).

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