Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Boy, what a rough 24 hours it has been. Dave had sent me a letter last week saying he would get to call me on Sept 15th. So yesterday came and nothing could have brought me down off my cloud, I was so thrilled to finally get to hear my hubby's voice after a month of nothing but a letter a week. 9pm rolls around... STILL no call. I am panicky. Do I dare shower and perhaps miss his call? Maybe he forgot my number and tried his cell phone, I'd better be sure his is on. Maybe our house phone is unplugged? I make sure all 3 phones are working, rest them on the sink and take the SHORTEST shower I have ever taken. Seriously, it only took me a minute to shower and shave my arm pits. Get out, get into pajamas, still no phone call. I catch myself periodically holding my breath during the evening/night and have to consciously breathe. I was so anxious I bid on too many items on Ebay and spent $30+ on a discontinued toy. Finally around 1am I went to bed.

doesn't begin to describe how I felt. For those of you who know me well, I tend to let my imagination run wild. Maybe he's dead (at boot camp???), maybe he failed the test he was taking and he was refused a call (will he get kicked out for failing? Should I not quit my job in December?), maybe someone in the division messed up and they all got punished (bastards!!!), maybe he finally got his wisdom teeth out and is recovering (how on earth will my husband get through recovery without me nursing him to health???).... you get the idea. I dozed on and off from 2a-5a... probably only got 2 hours of sleep total. NOT good.

Well... after many supportive emails from close friends, I managed to stop crying at work and calm down (ever so slightly). Around 1pm I got a phone call from an Illinios number and I was so sure it was Dave... well, it was a recruit. Just not MY recruit! Thank you to the man who called for Dave to let me know he is recovering and is sorry he couldn't call himself. The recruit told me Dave loves me, Jordan, and Ben and that he's doing fine and wants more photos. I am disappointed I couldn't hear my husband's voice, but I know he's ok and my mind can finally rest.

Oh, yeah, and I started watching Season 1 of the show 24 =)


Kady Mae Bella said...

Awwwwwww, honey! So crappy. I'm sure when it's closer to his grad date, he'll be able to call more frequently. Keep that beautiful chin up....it's not forever!!! Even though it feels like an eternity :(

I'm here for yoU!

Life's a journey.. not a destination said...

What a day. I read somewhere the other day no one understands a military wife and the silly things they do like shower with their cell phone :) Glad he is ok, sorry you couldn't talk to him, but October is almost here! On a side note, I'm curious about what you won on Ebay... and oh, I have the same problem with my imagination running wild, I wonder how bad it will get when he's flying missions to the desert! That allows for a whole new 'crazy' aspect!

katiebear said...

Thanks girls. It helps to have the support and wisdom of someone who has been through the process and someone who has a spouse going through it all as well. I really appreciate you girls!!

Michelle- i just made a new post about ebay. lol.