Friday, March 19, 2010

Wait... Come Back!

This week has been fantastic. The weather was clear and nice, the kids were able to get outside every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Wednesday they spent 2 hours outside in a row... Bliss!! It is amazing how some warmer weather (and by warmer I mean in the 50sF) can change your attitude. Even Ben is enjoying the weather. It is wonderful to see him toddle around the yard and playgrounds, deathgripping his little football, and pointing at everything that is new to him! His world is completely different this Spring and he's loving it! Even our flowers are starting to grow.

But alas, it isn't lasting long. Cooler temps and snow are in the forecast for this weekend. That makes me sad... but thankfully Spring really is arriving soon and after a few weeks we will be able to say goodbye to the cold temperatures for awhile!

I want to say good bye winter coats!

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