Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not one of my better days

Today was not a good day. Started with baby waking at 2:30am, back to sleep at 3:30am. Toddler woke at 5am to pee, her calling out to us woke baby. I tell husband that I have to sleep, so he lets me, but I have to pee. I sit up and sploosh. Blood. Awesome. I have my period, but this was just absurd!!!

Laundry goes in the wash.

By 5:30 husband has showered and we're sitting down to breakfast. 7:15 head out the door to take husband to work. Decide that it is a good time to go to Target to get new pillows. Baby sleeps on the way (there goes hope for a nap). Get there BEFORE the store is open. Get 2 new pillows, toy for baby (using gift card from my wonderful sister! thank you!), and easter candy. Kids whine all the way home, get home, have to pee.

So, after I pee I wipe and feel something ODD. As well as some minor cramping. Fan-Fucking-Tastic. My freakin IUD has come out!!!

Baby naps all of 20 minutes in the afternoon and all our moods go downhill from there.

The only plus that happened today was I refuse to get the IUD back in because it hurt so dang much the first time, so husband finally called to get screened for a vasectomy. Woohoo!

Ironic that the IUD falls out 9 months after I had it inserted. Almost like my body is programed to expel all objects after 9 months. Ha!! But seriously... why. Why do I deserve to have that happen?


Carol said...

What a rough day! I have had one of those days recently (and ironically blogged about it today too!)

Hoping tomorrow is a better day than today was!!

katiebear said...

You know your day isn't going well when your 3 yr old gets a candy cane at 9 am!
Tomorrow has to be better. If not I have plenty of Oreos left!

BlessedMomof2 said...

YIKES! Sorry you are having a rough day. I was up with both my kids last night too..not sure what was wrong w/baby - up from 1-2, but then 5 yr old had a bad dream.

Yay for the vasectomy!! It makes it SOOO nice!!!