Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do You Think You Can Sew?

Today I picked up 2 big bags of fabric from a fellow Freecycler. Not sure what possessed me to get it, seeing as how I have only sewed a few holes and buttons in my entire life. But I am so very very glad I did. I promptly went out and bought a Sew EZ machine from a Jo-Ann Fabrics store. Obviously, having never sewed with a machine in my life I wasn't about to spent $300 on a LOW end model!! EEK!!

Anyway, I figure I could give cheap-o machine a try and if I actually CAN sew, I will justify the purchase with the hubby later on. So, having a cheap machine, no good scissors (or else failed cutting fabric back in kindergarten), and absolutely NO idea about patterns or how to move the material through the machine, etc.... I made my first project! I OBVIOUSLY need to practice... a lot before I make anything fancy shmancy for my daughter, like a dress or skirt. But I think if I keep trying I might just get the hang of this!

Oh, and my daughter thinks her new pillowcase is the coolest ever. That makes my heart melt!!


Holly said...

I'm impressed! Those Sew EZ's aren't that easy to use. And yes, real fabric scissors are a must if you're going to do much sewing. Watch for a 40% off coupon and get some at Joanne's. Mine are Gingher...they are pricey but THE BEST fabric scissors.

katiebear said...

holly, it is surprisingly difficult to use. Maybe I can save up some money for a better machine!! recommendations for inexpensive ones? what brand to avoid??