Tuesday, March 23, 2010


When we decided to have children we didn't really think about all the things that come with having children. We thought about the financial aspect (and failed, by the way), childcare, how I would work and hubby would finish school, clothing, diapers, furniture, how to baby proof the house, how the cats would react, how we would focus more on being good, healthy role models. All that sort of stuff. Not once did we ever think about what the kids will give to us. Sure they would give us love and fill our lives with joy we couldn't imagine until deep into the experience.

But my god do they like to share GERMS. And germs I can handle... colds, ear infections, fevers, puking... those all suck, but fairly easy to deal with. Don't get me wrong, they are all stressful and no mom or dad is happy to see them affect their little ones.

Do you know what else children share? BUGS. I'm not talking about beetles or ants... I'm talking the big L word. LICE!

My daughter is not in daycare or school. Where on earth she caught LICE from, well, you know as well as I do. Not a flippin' clue! Thankfully bugs are the one thing my daughter was gracious enough not to share with the rest of the family, because I did NOT sign up for this when I had her. I didn't think about her being school age and having to deal with the inevitable lice infestation, because, well, my daughter will never be school age. She will stay my little girl...right???

Ok, back to reality. Sunday morning, while eating breakfast, I looked up from my iphone (teehee) and saw a BUG hanging from one of the strands of my daughter's bangs. WWHHHHAAAAAT??? Yes, a bug. A big yucky lice attempting to feed off my daughter's scalp. Not on MY watch! After treatments and picking, we got ALL of them *fingers crossed*. As of tonight there is not a single louse, nit, or egg on my precious girl's head. Of course, they wouldn't be able stay on, we've greased up her head so well. I'm so glad she is such a good sport, happily announcing to her grandma "I have bugs in my hair!" and sitting nicely with cookie and icing while we combed out her hair many times.

I am still shuddering a little and thinking I can feel creepy crawly bugs in my hair, but I know we did well. We caught them early and killed them GOOD!

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