Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sleep... Where are you?

Why oh why does my lovely baby boy spend 4 glorious nights sleeping 7 hour stretches only to revert back to waking every couple of hours last night? Then he decides 5am is a wonderful time to wake up for the day. Of course it is Sunday so there is nothing on TV at 5am. Here I am, 5:43am watching kids TV (on our new cable.... only really get kids tv!) with a clingy baby in my lap trying desperately to eat his toes that are hidden in his pajamas. Hubby has a parade today so I'm being nice and letting him sleep, hoping he will return the favor after the parade and let me nap. We'll see on that, not holding my breath!

Anyway, that's my totally random vent for the day. I am exhausted, but my babe is so adorable I can't help but smother him in sleepy kisses and hope he does indeed get those yummy toes. =)

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