Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Favorite!

Out of all the carriers I own and have tried, the Ten Toes is my absolute favorite! Sorry Emily! I do like my pouch and sling, but as far as comfort goes with my hefty boy, this one is great. Maybe one day I will be adventurous to try a mei tai again, but for now... this is the way we carry. It is a good thing he's so comfy in there because he spends a lot of time in the carrier when I take Jordan pretty much anywhere she is out of a stroller!


Anonymous said...

No hard feelings :) Kiara pretty much still lives in my SSC that I made last year and the MT when it's too hot out for the SSC.

I do like the pouch for when we just need a quick up/down though :) Like when we are garage saling and she wants up for a rest and then down for discovery :D

Ben is lookin' good! Such a cutie:)

michelle lynn said...

What's a Ten Toes like? I love my mei tai as far as comfort goes, but I keep finding myself reaching for my pouch sling because it's so quick and easy, and she's a very curious bee, so she likes being on my hip with full view and having both arms free to grab as she pleases... I wish she'd just sit there are comfy like Ben in my mei tai!

katiebear said...

michelle- ten toes is like an ergo or beco if you've ever tried one of those. super comfy and easy to put on. i like buckles instead of ties b/c its just faster and easier for me.

i put ben in the sling for quick things or if the ten toes was left in the car and the sling is all i have. i think ben prefers being snuggled into my chest =)