Saturday, June 6, 2009

5 Months Old

That's right! My baby Ben is 5 months old as of yesterday. He's growing up so fast. It's just not fair. I read on Facebook that another mom who has a son Ben's age is already at pre-pregnancy weight. Again, Not fair! Though I am quite happy for her and suspect she didn't gain nearly as much as I did during pregnancy. I have so far lost 35 pounds since ben was born. 10 of those since we moved to Chicago 3 months ago!! So the unwanted weight is coming off slowly... maybe if I worked out harder and was stricter aboout weight watchers it would come off faster, but I obviously can't be bothered to work harder than I already am so no sense beating myself up over it!

Anyway, here is my Mr. Ben wearing an adorable outfit that my mom bought nearly 3 years ago for my best friend's boy John. Cec is gracious enough to lend us all her boy clothes =)

Jordan is now 28 months old... nearly a big 2 and a half year old =) She is so talkative and always has something to say. She is quite the bossy one, always telling us to "get up" or "go get it". And very inquisitive... "where train go?" "where MY daddy?" etc. But the cutest thing she says is "Please, OK!!"

Here she is hiding from me... so sneaky ;)


michelle lynn said...

Wow, way to go little Ben, five months seems so old! Alynna is seven months now, I can't believe it! Does it not go ten times faster with the second one?

katiebear said...

Time is going 10 times faster, at least! Not fair!!! I do love seeing his personality appear though. He went crazy over a button on his exersaucer today, so cute to see his fat legs and little feet make him dance with excitement.