Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Would They Say About Me?

Ever since we moved I have been watching more TV than I did in Pittsburgh. Fridays I have been watching Wife Swap. No idea WHY I watch this as it is a stupid show and all the families are a bit batty. But the show always makes me wonder what a stranger would say about my family and the way I run my household/raise my children. Would they frown upon Jordan watching PBS so I can check my email/blog/clean? Would they think I was a slacker when I give my child chicken nuggets multiple times a week (by multiple I mean nearly every day... thankfully the waffles she eats every day are homemade with whole wheat flour!!!)? Would my relationship with Dave be judged? Am I a good wife/mother? These are questions I ask myself every day... and often, in my incredibly judgmental mind I am a disappointment to myself. Why do women do this to themselves? And since they already judge themselves, why add the judgments of others to make us feel worse? I really wonder why anyone would volunteer to be on that show.

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