Monday, April 6, 2009

3 Month Birthday

Yesterday was Ben's 3 month birthday. It is hard for me to believe my son was born only 3 months ago. He has filled a void in our family so nicely, that it feels like he has always been here. I love my little man!! He has now rolled 3 times, and feels that is quite enough as he's pretty sure he won't ever do it again. Jordan is more into her brother and is always handing him toys or books and likes to hold his hand. Ben has the best smile/laugh for me, all I have to do is tickle under his chin and he makes the cutest noises! He's a total momma's boy... and I am ok with that!!

3 months post-partum and I have plateaued at only a 18 pound weight loss... Not that I am trying very hard to fix this current weight situation. I keep starting to track points only to cheat or just give up, starting over a few days later. It is frustrating, but I think I need spring to hit and I realize that nothing fits me to really stick with it. I am just not feeling the motivation. Sigh.


SaraGreen said...

I know hoe you feel about a lack of motivation, but I plan on hitting the gym today cause I need to lose some serious poundage.

I can't believe Ben is 3 months! That's crazy and awesome. I love looking at the pics of Jordan and Ben together and they will only get cuter as they grow up :)

Keeling said...

I can't believe he's 3 months! It seems like you just had him!