Friday, April 3, 2009

Ben's Room

I finally have taken some photos of the new house!! They will come in installments, so be patient. (mostly because I still have to unpack or clean the room I have to take a picture of!!!)

This is one wall (duh). To the right is a big closet that is currently full of all the clothes Jordan and Ben have outgrown that I need to give away but can't be bothered to sort quite yet. As well as about 8 boxes of clothes that Ben has yet to fit into (size 6mo-9mo up to 3T!!)

Other two walls... view from the door.


Dani said...

I love the monkey hamper. I have a cute one for Jax's room, but I had to put it away. For whatever reason, one of Cassidy's favorite things is to empty hampers . . . so for now I just throw everything in the hamper in the bathroom and their hampers are folded up in their closets.

SaraGreen said...

I love those rocking chairs! A girl that I babysit has one in her room and they are so comfortable :)