Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My friend Sara has challenged me to BEDA - Blog Every Day in April. I am ready for the challenge!!

I suggest all you bloggers out there try it too! =)


nickiandkyle said...

thats all you can come up with for your first day of your challenge?? granted, i am not blogging every day, but if i did.....!

SaraGreen said...

Nicki is right. LAME I'm at the airport right now and am still managing to post a respectable blog :p JK! I'm excited for this month and I am already thinking of potential punishments *maniacal laughter*

katiebear said...

OMG Sara, you said they could be short!!! Back off woman! =)

got cute photos of the kids today, they will be up tomorrow. will that be better???

and Nicki, you can't talk until you have a public blog again. LOL!!!