Sunday, April 5, 2009

Master Bedroom

We have yet to put anything on any wall in the house. Our poster frames and photo frames, etc, are still packed up. Hopefully this weekend we'll get stuff up. I'm not in a rush though.

Anyway, here is the master bedroom. Its pretty sparse, which I really like. I think we've always had our bedroom too cluttered. Having tons of closet space REALLY helps! Here is our closet. Unfortunately this is the only place to put the cat box in the house. I think the placement of the litter box in a bedroom is a big motivating factor to clean the box often enough and not slack off! We finally have room to hang all our stuff and have extra space. all the stuff behind those two doors are Dave's suits, uniforms, my dresses (I only have a few).

My side of the room. What you can't see is a blanket on the floor next to the bed where I put Ben when I am too tired to put him in his room and fight him in the crib, but want my space back on the bed.

Dave's side of the room. (I just tidied it, and you can't see the pile of clothes next to the bed).

We decided to not use the bed frame we acquired before moving. It made the bed really high and was a bit of a pain for Dave to assemble. I actually like this arrangement much better. I feel safer having Ben in the bed when we are so close to the floor. And our lazy cats are happy they don't have to jump far (then get very unhappy when they remember Jordan can climb in much easier now).

We have never had so much space in a bedroom. I love it!

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