Sunday, December 14, 2008


I must be the ONLY parent who is TRYING to find a dessert type food that their child likes. Jordan ate chocolate cupcakes on her first birthday, but since then has not been a fan of any sort of cakes. She has taken a few bites of ice cream cake at a few birthday parties, but that's about it. Ice cream gets a lick or two then pushed away, except for the ONE time when I got her soft serve and she housed it. Lately (last few months) I have been baking a lot. Chocolate cookies were spit out and handed back to me. Pies at Thanksgiving were given a forceful NO when attempted to be tasted. Last week I made sugar cookies to bring into work. Jordan ate a few bites of dough... I gave her a little ball of dough to play with while I was rolling and cutting the rest, and she gobbled it up before I knew it, then asked for more. But go figure, the child would not eat the actual baked cookie.

Yesterday I decided to make my grandmother's recipe for peanut butter cookies. I LOVE this recipe. It is my favorite and it is not shared with anyone as it is the ONLY family recipe we seem to have that was passed down multiple generations. Jordan asked for some dough, so I gave her a little. She ate it again. I distracted her with bananas until the first batch was out of the oven. Once they cooled she ate 2 and kept asking for more! I can't believe it!! Success!

I'm thinking that for her birthday instead of getting or making a cake I will just bake a giant peanut butter cookie and decorate it. =)

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