Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Unfortunately I'm not thinking quite clearly and have yet to get a picture of Jordan, Dave, and I together since October, so hopefully I can get one before the weekend is over and Dave returns to Norfolk.

Anyway, we had a lovely Christmas. The day started out with me baking peanut butter cookies. I taught Jordan the valuable lesson of learning how to lick the spatula!

Then, after an unsuccessful attempt to nap, Grandpa came over and took us to the airport to pick up Daddy!!!

Then we opened presents at home. Jordan got lots of books and a cool Fisher Price Little People house from Mommy and Daddy. What does it say of Mommy that both her and Jordan's favorite noise it makes is the toilet flushing??? Seriously, its so cool!

After that, we headed on over to Grandma and Grandpa's house where Jordan got the coolest present of all... her first train set!!! This gift is probably the best thing she has ever gotten in her entire life. She is in love with the trains and has such a good time with them. Today she skipped breakfast (unheard of!) to play with her trains. Mommy is already looking on ebay to get more track pieces. Ha ha!

But the best present of all? Having Dave/Daddy home... no comparison. We're so blessed to have our family together for the holiday that presents, food, etc... nothing else matters to me. We're together, as we should be!

I hope everyone out there in blog world was able to experience a wonderful Christmas like I did.


Michelle Lynn said...

awe, so glad to hear your boy in blue arrived home safe and sound for Christmas! Jordan is SO beautiful! Can we arrange the marriage now?

katiebear said...

Well, just so you know, Caleb will have competition. There are a few boys out there with their eyes on Jordan already ;)