Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stay-Puff Marshamallow Toddler

I have fond memories of growing up in Pittsburgh in the winter time. I LOVE snow. I remember getting out our simple red plastic sleds and going down the front yard with my friends. In retrospect I'm shocked my parents let me since we lived on a busy street and there was a bit tree and often a car parked on the sidewalk in front of our yard. But they let me, and the double dip in our front yard made it even more fun. I remember snowball fights, and coming in with numb hands and drinking hot chocolate. I remember watching the snow pile up so high during a blizzard that the bushes in front of our house fell completely over. I remember our Spanish exchange student coming downstairs and asking my dad how the weather was outside and he said "nice" so she went out in a t-shirt and pants (in the same blizzard that bent our bushes back). Needless to say she was not as amused as dad and I were. But snow was something my friends and I looked forward to every winter. Not just because of the awesomeness of school being cancelled if there was too much snow, but because we gathered at each other's houses and enjoyed the beautiful white fluffy snow and created fond, lasting memories.

I am shocked that after living in Pittsburgh since 1997, Dave never went sledding. He never built a snowman with a carrot for a nose. He never enjoyed the fresh falling snow before it was turned so grayish slush by cars. I want my children to experience this snow. I want them to have fun with mother nature and not just sit inside because it is too cold to go outside, or just see it on TV because we live somewhere too warm. So here is my little snow bunny, nearing her second year of life, and enjoying freshly fallen snow.

Snow angels on the sidewalk?? Silly girl!

On a walk around the block.


katherineolivia said...

Oh Man....I miss that!!!!!!!!!!

And I had the red plastic sled too! I even remember it having brakes and you could steer with them!

katiebear said...

The red plastic sleds are the BEST!! I wonder if my parents still have them. probably not. =(

I can't imagine living somewhere that doesn't have snow in the winter. I'll be so sad when we eventually move somewhere that doesn't.