Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Always around the holidays

Kids have an uncanny ability to get sick at times most inconvenient for us adults. Last month Jordan got pink eye right before Thanksgiving. Thankfully it showed up on Wednesday and I was able to get her a doctor's appointment and drops before the office closed. For Christmas, Jordan is developing quite the nasty cold. She has been hacking up her lungs since last night. Lots of Vics vaporrub got us through the night. She was in good spirits this morning so I reluctantly took her to daycare. She was fine, but still hacking her lung. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it is ONLY a cold and she doesn't develop something worse on Christmas or over the weekend.

I haven't been on the blog for a few days... it was a CRAZY weekend. Trip to triage at the hospital Friday late afternoon because of insane pain I was having. Dave coming home, thinking we were going to have Ben (who of course is quite content in his mansion and showing no signs of coming out in 2008). At my 37 week appointment today, the doctor said I was still only 1cm dilated and wasn't showing any signs of going into labor anytime soon, so no induction date has been set. Hopefully next week??? All the pain I was having this weekend was because of how Ben is being carried. Ie, out and LOW. All my muscles are shot at this point and are unable to handle the strain Ben is putting on me. Lovely. But Dave will be back for the weekend, so Jordan and I are quite thrilled to get to see him TWICE this month!

Sunday we helped my parents decorate their Christmas tree. It looks lovely. Jordan is quite impressed with the ornamental red trumpets that actually make noise when you blow through them. These were always my favorites growing up as I found the noise fun to produce and it also had an annoyance affect on my family. Seems Jordan has inherited this from me! I don't think she understands the concept of Christmas, so its probably a good thing we haven't really gone all out this year. Next year we'll probably do the whole Santa thing and a stocking, when she can appreciate it more.


SaraGreen said...

ugh that sucks that you had to go to the hospital. I hope you have a great Christmas! ho ho ho

Boo said...

Sorry, just have to comment on that photo! Jordan looks like an adult in this photo. She looks like she's just come out of a room and just discovered someone is about to take her photo if she likes it or not. And she's just about to say "F%*K off will you" LOL