Sunday, December 14, 2008

36 Weeks Pregnant

Front view Side view

I think Ben has dropped. Especially from the front view, my belly looks like its hanging much lower. And its harder down near the bottom than it ever has been. Oh and the other clue is the increase of pelvic and hip pain. Nothing unbearable though. It is those damn hormones that are making me want to scream "GET THIS KID OUT OF ME!" I am an emotional wreck 80% of the time, and poor Dave probably is damning the webcams we got because now he has to see me cry as well as hear me when we talk in the evenings.

I seriously cannot imagine getting any bigger in the next 4 weeks. Its just not possible. Besides, even my longest shirts are now getting a bit short, and I am NOT buying new maternity clothes a month before I have my baby. So I apologize world if I start showing skin, but get over it!

Here is a video I took the other day. I was debating whether or not I should put it on the blog, but it is just too weird NOT to share. I still think one of these days Ben is going just rip open my skin and start dancing like the alien at the end of the movie Spaceballs.


Irishembi said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! Even after having been through three full term pregnancies previously, during each and every one, including the third and last, I was SURE I couldn't get any bigger after 36 weeks.

But I always DID!

katherineolivia said...

That is so cool! I wish I had taken video like that when I was preggo. Seriously though, you HAVE dropped And yes, he looks like he was trying to rip your skin open and make a break for it!

Lisa said...

Wowza. That was a great video!! And I thought my breakout belly kicks were big. Those were AWESOME. Ben really does a number in there. Must feel incredible!! I also agree...looks like you dropped! But hey, maybe he's just settling in for the long haul!

The Burkes said...

haha that's exactly how both my boys were! DH would tell me it looked like an alien trying to come out of my belly like in the movie Aliens. Great isn't it. You do look like you have dropped quite a bit.

katiebear said...

Even the lady at panera said I have dropped (i got at least 2x a week when i work). I'm glad I took a video this time around. I didn't with Jordan and since I am (hopefully) not going to be pregnant again, its good to get these sorts of things recorded!

Lisa... I wouldn't say incredible, but it does feel neat. Hurts though, as he is so forceful.

Lets hope my skin stays intact a few more weeks!

Todd said...

Hi Katiebear,
I hope you won't mind a guy telling you that you have one AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly and your prominent outie bellybutton is just icing on the cake!!!!!!!