Saturday, March 19, 2011

365 Project - Days 67 thru 79

Day 67:
Homemade fort
Day 68:
Our new side-of-the-road find
Day 69:
Me: Jordan, did you do this?
Jordan: No, Ben did.
Me: Ben can't reach that high.
Jordan: Oh. Then Ben MADE me do it.

Day 70:
Chicken Pot Pie FAIL

Day 71:

Day 72:
I spent the day cleaning. This was my best friend.

Day 73:
Just before our St. Patty's day potluck dinner.

Day 74:
Enjoying some new cake pops at Starbucks.

Day 75:
I caught them playing nicely!

Day 76:
Hanging outside while we watched baby Leah for a few hours.

Day 77:
At the playground.... Spring is almost here!

Day 78:
I love this cat!

Day 79:
Helping daddy do dishes. She actually really loves doing this and its always her idea.

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