Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm not sure how well you can see from the photo, but my son is spotted. Lots of red spots... all over his arms, legs, face, tummy, and back. Poor kiddo!

Of course a parent's first reaction is CHICKEN POX. Most parents don't care. I still remember my mom sending me to friends' houses when they had chicken pox so I could get them too. I'm fairly certain moms still doing that. However, in this household, a chicken pox outbreak would be bad. My husband never had chicken pox. That is the SOLE reason my children received the chicken pox vaccine. So, how could a child who had the vaccine get that same disease he was vaccinated for?

Needless to say, poor little guy was rushed to sick call this morning. We checked in and were put in an isolation waiting room (ha ha!). After waiting, we were finally seen... only to be told NOTHING. Seriously, waste of time. I already knew the spots weren't chicken pox because there was no blistering and he was not sick AT ALL. But just to ease my mind, I wanted confirmation. Basically, he has a viral rash that is like the second cousin to chicken pox. So he has spots, but they are not itchy or making him ill. He is contagious but we don't know for how long. We don't even know what virus it is, only that it is a virus so there is NOTHING we can do. Thankfully he has no other symptoms so there is not anything we need to do for him.

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that my daughter does not become spotted so she can still attend preschool. I'm not sure I could handle complete quarantine with both children!

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tbsomeday said...

oh the good times with sick kids!

good luck :)

i hope it doesn't spread

btw--you can still get chicken pox with the vaccine--should just be milder