Tuesday, March 1, 2011

365 Project - Days 45 thru 61

I am FINALLY caught up with photos! I hope I got them in the right order... I did take a photo every day, but after uploading them all to my blog, I have possibly forgotten which photo goes with which day. I had to upload so many! Thankfully I know the last few are definitely correct. I hope that now I am caught up, I will be posting more often so I don't get as far behind again.


Day 45:
My little fairy. She loves dress up!

Day 46:
Bedtime reading with daddy.

Day 47:
Our duplo dragon house.

Day 48:
Baking sugar cookies with momma

Day 49:
Going downstairs early in the morning.

Day 50:
Sweet siblings.

Day 51:

Day 52:
New (to us) desk... found this being left out for trash.

Day 53:
Where did my kids go?

Day 54:
Loving the melting snow!

Day 55:
"no daddy's hat. ben's hat"

Day 56:
Hanging out with mommy and daddy at Barnes and Noble.

Day 57:
Like father, like daughter.

Day 58:
At the Choo Choo restaurant.

Day 59:
Jordan and Ben playing "bedtime".

Day 60:
Fat cat begging.

Day 61:
A common occurrence at our house.


tbsomeday said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the hand holding!!

and the double texting, lol

katiebear said...

My kids are totally addicted to the phones. We have to hide them!!