Monday, April 18, 2011

365 Project - Days 80-104

I've been away for a month. I apologize. Here is nearly all of the last 30 days. I said I wouldn't get this far behind after the last time, but life really sweeps you off your feet sometimes! Don't be offended, my housework has suffered right along with my blog ;)

Day 80:
Took the kids to see Body Worlds at the Museum of Science and Industry. It was cool!

Day 81:

Day 82:
Ben wanted to share his magnets.

Day 83:'
got out some Easter decorations

Day 84:

Day 85:
Love these kids!

Day 86:
Driving to grandma's house... Poor kid got sick 3 times in the car.

Day 87:
Ben and his Great-Auntie Nat!

Day 88:
Grandma spoiling the kids with pillow pets

Day 89:
Another nap.

Day 90:

Day 91:
He loved Grandma's kitty.

Day 92:
Weird pancake creature

Day 93:
Yay playgrounds!!

Day 94:
Sleeping children are so precious. I just wish mine would sleep in their beds for nap time!

Day 95:
Puzzle time

Day 96:
Talented Daddy

Day 97:
Newly acquired fire pit!

Day 98:
Darn kid broke my glasses. This is my husband's temporary fix... I felt like such a dork!

Day 99:
80 Degrees!!

Day 100:
More playing outside. We could get used to spring!

Day 101:

Day 102:
Kitty was jealous!

Day 103:
Train ride!

Day 104:
Someone gave away these NINETEEN boxes of cereal!

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