Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Ultimate Plant Killer

That is what I am... I kill plants with STYLE... well, not even then. Just swiftly and with love.

My daughter REALLY wants to plant a garden this year. She told me we need to grow everything and whatever we can't grow we will get at the store. Love her enthusiasm. Sadly, she doesn't realize that mommy's thumb is RED not GREEN.

It doesn't help that mother nature seems to be against me this year. It is nearly May, and here in the Midwest temperatures are still in the 30s and with lots of wind and little sun. How am I supposed to keep the tray of vegetables a friend gave me ALIVE when they have to stay up high in my house, away from sun?! (If I keep them near a window, the kitties will eat the plants). Let alone PLANT new flowers, fruits, etc?! I don't even know how to move plants from one pot to another, let alone to the ground without completely destroying them.

I had planned to move the vegetables outside, and get new plants, to help my children celebrate Earth Day. Last year it was sunny and in the low sixties, lending us to plant lots of flowers around our tree. This year... well.... its still going to be COLD. Why can't the plants just tell me what they want?!

Hopefully things will take a turn for the better and we can plant our precious vegetables (if they last that long). Hopefully plant some fruits too. And hopefully I won't screw it all up so we actually get edible food later in the season!

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