Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Achey Breaky Heart

No, I am not referring to the Billy Ray Cyrus song... I am referring to Dave leaving today. His paternity leave ran out and he had to go back to Norfolk. I managed to not shed a single tear all the way home from the airport and for the few hours I was home. However, when taking Jordan home from daycare, I could see her sad, crying face in my rear view mirror as she cried out "No Daddy, No Daddy". It was so sad to listen to and all I could do was keep driving and cry and say "I know, I miss Daddy too". Thankfully after about 5 minutes I was able to distract her with talk of chicken nuggets and dip for dinner. Of course, then she cried because we were not getting home fast enough!

I miss you Dave. XOXO

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SaraGreen said...

That is the saddest/sweetest thing I've ever read. You will get through it Kate. You are strong and I have faith in you :) Let me know if you ever need help with Ben and Jordan...anytime.