Friday, January 2, 2009

Feline Fridays - My "Other" Children

Before Jordan (and Ben) my cats were my children. I coddled them, gave them treats, bought them oodles of toys they didn't need. Dave and I used to sit on opposite sides of the living room and toss mice for Alice so she could run around and play. We made sure the laser pointer had fresh batteries.

Since having children of my own, the poor cats are severely neglected. Don't get me wrong, they still get enough food (or more than enough!), they litter box is cleaned, they get water, occasionally I remember to brush them. But toys? Treats? Play time?? Poor Alice has had 3 new mice in the past year, and that's only because my mother gave them to her. I feel bad, and I keep telling myself I will play more with my cats and pay more attention to them this year. Maybe when the kids are both in school full time is more realistic??

Christmas present to the kitties in 2005.

Playing with the kitties, they loved chasing our fingers behind the bathroom door.

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SaraGreen said...

Peanut used to try to get my finger from under the bedroom door too :)