Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let the Move Begin!

Dave received his new orders, he will be leaving Norfolk February 20th and heading back home to help us get ready for our first big move. So continues my life as a Navy wife. This will be the first of many moves in the upcoming 20 or so years. Needless to say both Dave and I are nervous about moving all of our stuff, 2 children, and 2 cats in the wintertime... to Illinois... which doesn't have winter-friendly weather.

In fact, nervous does not begin to cover the emotions I am feeling this week. Obviously I am excited that my family will be together again in a month. But all the logistical stuff is becoming a bit overwhelming to me. Tomorrow I have the daunting task of calling our landlord and informing him that we are terminating our lease. I then have to set up a day/time that I can personally deliver our written notice along with a copy of Dave's new orders. I hate confrontation. I am dreading this phone call. Please God, don't let me be a crazy hormonal lady and cry on the phone to my landlord!

Just so you don't think I am totally lazy (and those of you who see me on Facebook might think that since this morning's status said I ignored my daughter to surf blogs) I also am meeting coworkers for lunch, mailing items I sold on Ebay, vacuuming the million goldfish crackers and bagel crumbs all over my living room floor, washing my shower curtain, putting away laundry, doing dishes, mopping the floor.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that at least one of the above chores actually gets completed. And that I get a nap. Oh glorious nap!!


SaraGreen said...

All the stress will be worth it once you are settled with Dave in Illinois :) GOOD LUCK!!!

Michelle Lynn said...

So, when exactly will you be here?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Your getting closer and closer to me. Are you moving to springfield? You'll only be about 6 hours away from me! Dont worry about your landlord. Its not your fault you have to move. Supermommy